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Talkeetna Alaska Teleport (TAT), located in Talkeetna, Alaska, is an international provider of satellite and fiber-based communications, providing connectivity for the Pacific Ocean Region and neighboring landmasses. Strategically located in interior Alaska, it creates a unique ability to utilize Alaska's Arctic climate and northern latitude, while simultaneously providing low-cost space and power for critical gateway and data center infrastructure. Talkeetna's Arctic environment provides the opportunity for reduced cooling requirements for many months of the year. The facility is positioned at 62.333 degrees N latitude enabling connection to polar-orbiting satellites for longer durations than lower latitudes while maintaining significant reductions in utilities and infrastructure expenses compared to higher latitude locations. TAT's knowledge of satellite communications allows us to leverage our location and critical infrastructure to offer an unmatched facility in the Arctic for antenna hosting, co-location, construction, pad space, engineering, and maintenance and technical support.

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